Zolo Tornado 3

Each one of us has our own different kinks. Sometimes, though, our partner doesn’t enjoy the same things as we do. Although they perform our favorite sexual acts because they love us, we should also be mindful of whether they’re comfortable and are enjoying the time of intimacy with us. 

Fortunately, with today’s technology and innovations, we can scratch our own itch if our significant other isn’t feeling up to it. For instance, if you enjoy getting blowjobs, you can take care of yourself with the Zolo Tornado 3.

Zolo Tornado 3 Features

The Zolo Tornado 3 sold here is a state-of-the-art full shaft male masturbator. It utilizes stimulating tornado technology and is designed to surround your shaft fully with a 10.5-inch internal size for the ultimate pleasure. 

The masturbator has 10 squeezing and gyrating modes for a customized experience. Configure it exactly how you want it to feel and immerse yourself in the moment. Its multi-ribbed sleeve has multiple textures to emit several sensations. You can also enjoy the view through its transparent window that lets you in on the action.

Moreover, it has an adjustable suction cup base for hands-free sessions. It also comes with built-in erotic sounds to accommodate your needs. The combination of feeling various sensations and textures, seeing your penis being serviced, and the erotic sounds can deliver a holistic fantasy experience.

Plus, the device is USB rechargeable, so you can bring it anywhere and not worry about buying new batteries every time. When you purchase the set, you’ll get the masturbator, a travel bag, and an instruction manual.

How To Use the Zolo Tornado 3

Regular orgasms aren’t just for our pleasure but are crucial for our well-being. It can help lower your blood pressure and alleviate feelings of stress. As a result, our mood improves and our sleep patterns become balanced.

Here are some tips on how to use the Zolo Tornado 3 for the ultimate pleasure-inducing sessions:

Apply Lube

Sex toys don’t produce natural lubricating fluids, unlike vaginas, and your pre-cum won’t be enough to reduce friction when you insert your penis into the masturbator. Knowing this, it’s best to apply an ample amount of water-based lube before you use the Zolo Tornado 3.

Aside from making the experience more enjoyable, it also prevents chafing, especially during longer sessions. Applying lube might also make your orgasms more intense and pleasurable.

Water-based lubes are the safest to use for sex toys, including the Zolo Tornado 3. This is because they don’t influence the deterioration of soft rubber or plastic.

Most water-based lubes come in easy-squeeze bottles. To use it with your masturbator, point the nozzle inward and spray. You can also begin your session with some self-play and apply the lubricant right on your penis while touching yourself.

Start Slow and Sensual

As with any other machine, we need to get to know our masturbator and how our body responds to it. With this in mind, we recommend starting slow and sensual. Immerse yourself in the moment and just enjoy the sensations that the device offers. 

Even if it’s not really your style, it’s good to change things up once in a while. Plus, it can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the toy first rather than going rough right away and feeling disappointed about the outcome. 

Use It Alone or With Your Partner

The best thing about sex toys is that you can use them alone or with a partner. For most people, nothing is more exciting than seeing your lover enjoying themselves and letting their inhibitions go.

As mentioned above, the Zolo Tornado 3 has a transparent window that allows you and your significant other to view your penis being pleasured. It makes for some exciting foreplay that can elevate your intimate moments together. 

Taking Care of Your Zolo Tornado 3

Aside from knowing how to maximize your masturbator, you should also take care of it properly. Here are some tips to help you:

Clean Up After Every Use

One of the best habits to practice is to clean your sex toy after each use. It’s easy to forget how you should be mindful of hygiene after you’ve had your orgasm. However, you should remember to clean up after yourself each time for you and your partner’s safety.

It can also be tempting to neglect cleaning up because you’re the only one who’s using the device anyway. Nonetheless, your fluids are still considered bodily waste, which means that they contain bacteria that will lead to infections. 

If you use your masturbator without cleaning up the semen and lube afterward, you increase the risk of developing skin and yeast infections. This can lead to erectile dysfunction, urination problems, and fertility issues.

The Zolo Tornado 3 isn’t waterproof, though, so you can’t wash it under running water. You can clean it with a clean cloth or with some tissue. Just make sure to wipe thoroughly.

Utilize Antibacterial Cleaners

If you’re wiping your masturbator, make sure to use antibacterial yet organic cleaners. You want to eliminate traces of bacteria in the device while ensuring your skin is protected from harmful chemicals. There are specialized cleaning solutions on the market, so just do your research and find what works best for you.

Air It Out

After cleaning your toy, you should allow it to dry. Air it out for a bit before putting it back in the box or bag. This way, you can be sure that the cleaner was able to eliminate bacteria properly.

Do the Smell Test

Once the device has been aired out, do a smell test to check if it’s emitting any unusual odors. If something seems off, you should try cleaning it again. If the stench persists, contact Zolo and avoid using it in the meantime. 


The Zolo Tornado 3 is a handy device that can help us take care of ourselves. It uses tornado technology and comes with 10 squeezing and gyrating functions for ultimate pleasure. It also has a multi-ribbed sleeve with multiple textures for more intense sensations. Moreover, it provides a holistic experience with its transparent window and built-in erotic sounds for added stimulation.