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Feel free to get in touch with the team behind RFK Must Die, whether you are after an interview or more details. Robert Francis Kennedy was expected to become the next American President. He had a glowing political career, but everything brutally stopped in 1968, when he was assassinated. While the local authorities have found a guilty individual, witnesses and their statements make it pretty clear – the plot was different. The killer was different. He was not even alone. Some of these leads did not lead anywhere back then. Some others have only just come out, as witnesses were afraid to talk about the sad event. These days, more than 50 years after the killing, people who witnessed it came out to discuss it and bring new details to light. Get in touch with Shane O’Sullivan’s team for interviews, details or just a conversation on the topic.

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New event

Discussions and authgraphs

22/04/2021 – Trafford Center, Manchester – 11:00 to 16:00
Feel free to join the discussions and make some points or just listen to others’ visions and ideas, but also bring your copy for an autograph.

Shane O'Sullivan

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